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Fred H. Filles Family |

Fred H. Filles and his wife Anna Carbiener Fillies and their six children, Anna Maria, Fred E., Minnie, William F., Earnest G., Bertha, came to the state of Washington in the year 1900, moving from Minnesota.  George was born after they moved to Edgewood.  They lived in Tacoma for a short while before moving to the Edgewood District.  He was a farmer.  They lived just south of where the Grange Hall is today.  He use to take his produce into Tacoma by horse and buggy.  His youngest daughter use to ride in with him.  She really enjoyed it, even though it took all day long.  They also had raspberry and strawberry fields, which the youth in the area came to pick.

Anna Fillies passed away on Sept. 21, 1912.  This left a great void in their family.  They were a close knit family and enjoyed working together.




Minnie married Fred Sievert.  She passed away during the flu epidemic in 1918.  Fred Sievert then married Minnie’s younger sister Bertha, in Oct. 1919.  They were owners of Sievert’s Resort on Surprise Lake.  They built a log cabin there.



This log cabin is now located in the Milton Square Park as a historical monument. (As of March 2009 it was purchased by a private party and moved to Des Moines, WA.)


Sievert’s Resort was a place many enjoyed going.  There was good fishing, good swimming, picnic area, and also a big ball field.  They even had a few cabins for people to stay in, if they wanted to.  

After Fred Sievert passed away from being in a car accident, Bertha married Jim Gilbreath.  They lived at Surprise Lake until the middle fifties, when they sold it to the Johnson’s of Highdive Resort.  They had made quite a few improvements in that time.  They had built more cabins that people from Tacoma would come and stay in.  They were rented out during the winter months also. 

After selling the Resort, Bert and Jim moved to Pacific Beach which is in Grays Harbor County.

Fred H Fillies passed away at his home in Edgewood on March 25, 1945 Bill passed away on Sept 11, 1948, while at work at the late James Anderson’s. Ernie was the next one to go.  He passed away on Sept 27, 1950.  Then on March 21, 1953 Fred passed away at home, the home he had lived in ever since coming to the state of Washington.

In 1955 his brother George remodeled the old home and gave it a facelift.  It was in this home that George had been born and where he passed away in Jan 12, 1975.

On Feb. 9, 1986 the last of the Fillies family passed away, Bertha, or Bert as she was so well known by the people that came to Sievert’s Resort.  She lived in Aberdeen WA at the time.  She was the only one of the Fillies that moved from the Edgewood area.  They all gave a lot to the building up of this area and are remembered by a lot of people.

“I remember one of them.  Bert had real long hair.  Her dad wouldn’t let her cut it at all.  One time she heard about selling hair, she kind of wanted to try short hair anyway.  So her and a girlfriend went to Seattle and had their hair cut and sold it.  When Bert came back home, her father took one look at her and told her that she was not welcomed in the home until her hair had grown back.  So she was away from home for a few months.


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